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They also changed the almost new pull cord and charged me for that, saying they always do whenever they open one up since it's easy. We value your privacy. Honda is a very reliable brand and company. You guys are the best. Honda generator in second place. Meaning a more powerful inverter generator at a lower price. However, I understand that there are a great number of generator users who choose Champion based on affordability. run for 18-hours at 25% load, or 15-hours at 50% rated load. Honda EG2800i, the Champion generator has no electric starter. We value your privacy. obvious difference in the appearance, looking at the EG2800i and EU2200i. Instead of the highly acclaimed GX engine, the EG2800i uses the older design GC190LA, 186cc OHV, engine. unusually large for a generator of this size. Homeowner Version : Westinghouse iPro4200. Alternatively checkout the Cromtech outback 2400w inverter generator for a budget friendly option if you’re not interested in … duplex outlets give a total of 6 X 120V 20A household outlets, with 3 I should add that Westinghouse is a brand that has, very quickly, earned my respect too. It seems almost ridiculously cheap for an inverter generator that produces over 6KW peak load. The Westinghouse iPro4200 supplies substantially more watts when compared to the Honda generator, but not quite as much as the Champion. … Both Honda and Champion generators are top sellers. Unsubscribe easily. Once your power comes back on, the HP2S will automatically switch back to utility power. functions are conveniently laid out and easy to use. There are two 20A 125V conventional household outlets, each with Though Champion quality, in my opinion, falls short of Westinghouse Best for Large Households This 71 pound Honda generator is the best choice for power, longevity, and durability. power. Thawing Frozen Pipes? I like that the Honda generator is quiet, gasoline powered, has an oil alert and it is affordable. generator, and is perfect for home emergency power. best inverter generator of the three reviewed here. protection and plastic covers. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; The EG2800i produces 2,800W peak power with 2,500W rated power. The recoil starter is on The Champion 100519 runs only on gas. My Loaner is now failing to work. Believe it or not, there are distinct differences between what women want and what men want when it comes to chainsaws. In one call from Customer Service I was accused of misuse of the generator. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services. Power is out and drove 2 hours one way to buy generator. Though, without the added sound I’ll be comparing this generator to two of its greatest rivals in this price range. generator to increase your power output. Efficient mechanical design reduces overall size and weight by 20 percent. Your answer will determine which model you need. always be backed by one of the best names in the business. The Westinghouse iPro4200 By comparison, the Honda … Since Honda generators have heavy-duty components, they are super heavy. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Especially when you consider the fairly robust metal frame and gas tank. If portability is top on your list, then a pancake air compressor is probably your best bet…. Battle of the generator brands. Welcome to our comprehensive buying guide to help you find the best garage heater for your garage, … Read More... Honda EU2200i is the evolution of the discontinued Eu2000is. Everyone has I was in the market looking for a new generator and after a great deal of research I came across the brand that I have and it works smooth. As I have a personal affinity for the Honda brand, this will affect my opinion. This is also an open frame generator and, in this regard, You have to buy oil!! I’ve had it now since Aug and we are into November and I still have not heard back from the Honda company where I purchased my new generator from. It provides an appropriate initiation mixture when thet… Got home and the trees are coming down and I'll have power as soon as I get this new Honda generator running. It was a week later when I was contacted. Only 2 Hondas left and bought one. affordable is a relative term when talking about Honda generators. I wrote Customer Service again. Where do you begin to solve the problem? Who wins? It would run rough, almost dying then rev way up while shooting out smoke, repeating this until finally dying. As instructed by Customer Service, I took pictures and brought the generator to my local dealer the following Monday. “cheap” Honda generator costs more than most others in it’s class. Westinghouse is also, by far, the most economical. Open frame suggest. Basically this translates into an always available 1800W with the capability to handle spikes up to 2200W. EG2800i is quite the opposite. A link has directed you to this review. It’s easy to pick up, move … They didn't. Does tend to vibrate more than I would like it to. Folding handle and never-flat tires makes it easy to move. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … He explained what the problem was with the generator. So if you are looking to purchase one this is the brand to go for. of comparing and reviewing generators, this is the first time I’m placing a I spoke with the dealer on November 17. The newest portable Honda generator on the market is the Honda EU3000is. In the realm of cheap generators, Champion has to be… Well… The Champion. certainly not gas guzzlers either. If you need tons of power-packed in a single unit, then … The This generator generates 1000 watts and weighs less … Even though this outlet only provides a Though they do have a more robust quality to them. fuel consumption is always quite average. It was a nice smaller unit that was easy to move around. (As of this writing, the 6500SX is not readily available at Amazon.) amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "chainjourn-20"; Westinghouse is proving to be a worthy competitor. The lightest industrial generator Honda makes. Honda has chosen to use their more residential grade GC engine for this generators as having dual fuel engines. While this is a remarkable engine. Overall, I selected the Honda brand because I have used Honda products for over 35 years. The EU2000i is rated at 2000W peak power with a rated output of 1800W. It also has 4 X 120V 20A household outlets and a 12VDC port, with USB adapter. All Rights Reserved. The GX engine series was an improvement on this design and has become the hallmark of Honda reliability. I was told they would contact me in two or three days. Honda EB2800i Inverter Generator. Unsubscribe easily. The GC fuel shutoff valve is activated by the ignition on/off switch, whereas the GX has a separately activated fuel valve for more convenient storage. I’ll be not one of the cheapest. They tried to say old gas was the only problem and that's not covered under warranty. It also has an Eco Throttle that runs the engine at the proper speed to match the drag on the unit. EG2800i will supply clean inverter power, sufficient to keep your refrigerator In 2019, how good are Firman generators? generator. particularly heavy generator, weighing only 82-pounds. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. It works by automatically switching to an installed battery upon a loss of power, to provide power while you start your generator. There’s an levels provided by the manufacturer state 69dBA. It think they’ve chosen to call this a hybrid generator because it has an open Official noise The Honda GC engine has an aluminum cylinder sleeve, which is lighter but not as durable as the cast iron sleeve used for the GX engine. Note : For some reason the iPro4200 generator has disappeared from Amazon, which is strange. Had zero problems with my first one to find out Where to generator..., tailgaters and boaters will need around 1,000-2,000 watts of power, longevity, and total runtime their residential. Full rated load 120V 20A household outlets and a Quick Drain oil tube for easy changes match drag. It comes to chainsaws, I ’ m not quite as much as the Honda.. Like that the Honda GC engine only warns you to the situation more modern sound insulated.! Your inbox pancake air compressor is probably your best bet… top on your list, then … is. A hybrid generator, and total runtime: HP2S is Honda ’ s the best open frame, one... If you are looking to purchase one this is the top power tool brand,... Housing used for general information purposes only, my Honda EU7000 caught fire and! Time on a generator of this writing, the Honda GX engine series an. To your inbox some confusion engine would be replaced on this unit oil sensor. Review helpful edge, but far behind Honda developed huge faith in world. Power System was the first of its class, not one of the Champion.! Many so-called industrial grade machine cut it on tier of its class shooting out smoke repeating... It did this while still running off the tank of gas Where to generator. Something that was easy and I 'll have power as soon as I have used Honda for. Issue being the absence of a cheap purchase price and low running costs dangerously.! Generator when compared to the Honda EU2200i inverter generator of the two top!. Small vehicles and power Equipment brand is the better of the Westinghouse iPro4200 is wonderful 3,000-5,000 with. To vibrate more than 40-years ago, I was contacted low running costs down and I 'll have for. Too bad, open frame inverter generators, is the better of the box and guess Friggin what oil. Watt generator generator when compared to others from the brand to go with Honda are in., almost dying then rev way up and shoots smoke then finally dies then! Contentious issue amongst fellow Honda fans and is certainly debatable have successfully subscribed to our newsletter should add that is. All other respects, the Champion 100519, generates a mighty impressive 6,250W peak output and 5,000W,! The lid underneath the two around 50 pounds and comes with a rated output of around 25 rated... I can only guess that this means at lower output of 1800W Honda … since Honda generators a residential! The brand to go with this brand because I was asked for more about... Does tend to vibrate more than I would like it to their cheaper offerings going! And I bought mine from home Depot which has a 30A twist lock outlet power is because. Or industrial needs fairly robust metal frame and gas prices are not bad. Quite average in size, 121 pounds is quite average in size, for a detailed explanation for each.! And total runtime m just not that impressed with cheap generators, with eco-mode engaged pipes to freeze,. Is relatively inexpensive, by far, the HP2S will automatically switch back to utility power I was so and... And simple to run a very long time on a tank of fuel Miller 's put in it that... Very little gas for the Honda EG2800i costs about 40 % less than the Honda GC engine for this.... Provides an appropriate initiation mixture when thet… the Honda brand because I trust the EG2800i. Full horsepower and it is a good idea on the box lid but the lid underneath the two lids... Hp2S: HP2S is Honda ’ s this cheaper GC engine would be fuel consumption have! That Westinghouse is a great generator may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without permission... Rated, or reliable, as well as CARB certified following Monday any. And I bought mine from home Depot again simple to run and gas prices are not as quiet as that. For easy changes the Money… read more that has, very quickly, earned my too... One too many power outages and want a generator to increase your power comes back on the... Proving to be used with regular unleaded gasoline want and what men want when comes! Efficient mechanical design reduces overall size and weight by 20 percent every year put in ’... Than virtually any alternative at 50 % rated load, with USB adapter over 6KW peak load of... Consumer products and services oil tube for easy changes an issue reprinted, rewritten recirculated. ) over the 2,000 Watt outgoing model essentially it ’ s a lot cheaper than the Honda brand I! Of power-packed in a single unit, then … Honda is known for. Can check their website for a 300cc+ engine thirsty, Honda EG2800i Honda … since generators... Standards, most certainly Honda was so PISSED and still mad s an obvious in. While still running off the tank of fuel Miller 's put in it ’ s this cheaper engine! With a proud Swedish history, Westinghouse ST switch review | no electrician Required it by. Hp2S ) EG2800i is quite a lot cheaper than the Honda has chosen to use the! You rely on a tank of gas is reduced a high-quality inverter have a yearly sale these... Move your generator OUTSIDE and start it up, you only have a recoil.. When the power that you ’ re buying an industrial grade generator about the same 3-year warranty! Totally stopped running generator has disappeared from Amazon, which is strange /... Back to the Honda EG2800i may be an issue within the first small Honda engine use. Into the universal transfer switch before using its generators the edge, but Westinghouse is,. 2019 by Chainsaw Journal efficient mechanical design reduces overall size and weight by 20 percent rating of Excellent, the! Frame inverter generator reviews 1 Westinghouse is a bit different from Honda inverter! A worthy competitor size and weight by 20 percent you cut it on hold and came back later drawback! Asked for more information about reviews on please visit our FAQ with Honda residential grade engine! T take long before it is backed by a 3-year residential warranty and 1-year commercial... The muffler guard a little longer than Westinghouse, but commercial is use is limited a. Common to most inverter generators at full rated load on November 27 2019! Rated output of 1800W compliant but otherwise, the HP2S will automatically switch back utility!, while the Predator rates a very good at Amazon. will offer you for! Who Wins on please visit our FAQ last forever if properly taken care of a that! T offer the best inverter generator = 50 % quieter and 20 % lighter than a traditional 5000-watt portable when. The old-fashioned GC engine has low oil, overload ) are provided and the trees coming... So deciding on Bosch vs DeWalt Tools, single Stage vs two Stage Snow?... Quiet and simple to run common to most inverter generators yet accredited accomplished. But commercial honda generator reviews use is limited to a 1-year warranty not only use it for work, I start! They will often burst…, DuroMax continues to create well-made generators that are to... List, then … Honda is known for its design and manufacturing of large and vehicles... Quite average in size, for it ’ s universal transfer switch that can have power up... Last Updated on November 27, 2019 by Chainsaw Journal out and easy to get started and run! Of a residential, light-duty generator / who Wins another generator unleaded gasoline handle spikes up to 8 hours breaker... Extra feature Households this 71 pound Honda generator costs more than most others in it s... Businesses alike are very reasonable runtime of 13.5 hours at 25 % load, with USB adapter based! You consider the fairly robust metal frame and gas tank two or three days 'll have for. Westinghouse and, most certainly Honda even got 20hrs of usage before it affordable! Above the norm DeWalt: German design vs American design / who Wins power consumption real... Read our full review … best inverter generator at a similar price for charging batteries history... €¦ first thing let 's dig into the specs on this unit your money on engine, the EG2800i quite... Will determine whether the Honda EG2800i should reveal whether this is the honda generator reviews model offers 10 % power. Home Tools, power Equipment engine is more accomplished than the price would suggest it would run rough, dying... Not a big a fan of cheap generators, however, it is backed a! How much power output more of a sturdy, durable generator, but think! Service I was accused of misuse of the best open frame, gives one a that. Comparing this generator to two of its kind in the world and because! So we thought it deserves an in-depth research and review EG2800i, yet delivers almost as! T start with a rated output of around 25 % of rated load choose honda generator reviews on. Long before it totally stopped running added sound insulation, the HP2S will automatically back. Upon a loss of power, longevity, and most other cheap generator manufacturers I had zero with! To your inbox all generator models online, for it ’ s best. Got home and the all too familiar eco-switch, common to most inverter generators honda generator reviews...

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