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We've partnered up with— we're co-founders with other people. It was a robot that is essentially a car, rolled around on a straight line is essentially what it was. A lot of the students who are coming out of high school, they're just trying to get by. In 2008 the average was 36. We have a GroupMe chat from people that we met back 10 years ago at Georgia Tech, and they're our friends. >> So the technologies that we are seeing is artificial intelligence. So the way we measure that is we look at— we first determine objectives for that company and whether it’s to grow your revenue to a million dollars, $10 million, $20 million. & Privacy Information. You see an electronic lab for IoT development. I'm really curious about your perspective on how we can change both the narrative and the reality tied to that. I think it was Winston Churchill that said in every crisis is a great opportunity. Thanks for having us. So that's that was the idea behind Brain Rain Solutions. Engineer turned entrepreneur, Suhani Mohan is battling Period Stigma with her start-up. It’s innate because we were athletes, you know, we grew up as athletes and we're competitive, but I always had someone to compete against. Especially in electrical engineering field, it’s really big and booming because everything can be put— you can hook up an electronic microprocessor up to pretty much a coffee mug, anything, and it could be automated. And it’s not something that we're fighting over; it’s a friendly competition. So start with the problem. Sometimes in some cases, it’s not an opportunity because of the unemployment, but in the terms of digital and technology, it’s opportunity for a lot of businesses. So when COVID hit, we saw a very interesting dynamic with our business. Founded by Mukesh Bansal in 2007, Myntra is India’s largest on-demand personalization brand for products, gifts and funky merchandise. In this session of The Engineering Career Coach (TECC) Podcast, I interview Sam Lytle, PE who is a civil engineer turned entrepreneur and business owner. You see podcast. Everything changed. Let's go build a derby car just like I built one” because I enjoy it so much. They became serial entrepreneurs and co-founded a business venture called Brain Rain Solutions. So me and Troy saw this soapbox, and we said, “We have to have one!” But our parents didn't have the money or expertise to build out this fancy soapbox,  so we decided, first, we have a problem here— We want a soapbox. So this is our opportunity for us. So that's a brand new customer that had no interaction. You see server racks for artificial intelligence. … Who says engineers can’t become entrepreneurs? But in reality, a technological professional with entrepreneurial skills features a better chance of innovating than an MBA. We on-boarded that customer during the pandemic, yes. … We never build solutions unless the need is expressly expressed and is backed up by customers willing to pay. By Trevor Metcalfe. A start-up story: From engineers to entrepreneurs Taking inspiration from the great Banyan tree, the embodiment of wisdom, Nimish Shrivastava and Anubha Saxena founded ‘The Banyan Tee’ in January 2016, to sell t-shirts online. And the reasons for that is because when you talk about funding, there's a pipeline you have to go through. It permeates through my family. Steve: Well, Troy and Travis, not only, I can't tell you how thankful we are that you came today to join us here on The Uncommon Engineer. And all of us who've made some progress, some success in this space, you know, even the people who we look up to, they look at it, look at their craft— we call it a craft— and they start to hone in, build, educate themselves and be the best around that craft, not because they have to, but because they love doing it. So at that point, we saw a need which is always what our company is focused on— finding a need first— and then we build the solution. If you’re a computer engineer building an internet site, you’ve got to imagine the ultimate site, but to start, you would like to first break down the Javascript line by line, class by class, to reach the ultimate goal eventually. But I would say it has grown tremendously since. But I can imagine when it’s not so good for other people who have clients, other companies, other entrepreneurs that need revenue and they're being cut from projects. Reflecting on my path and realizing the skill sets needed to do both, I now know there’s quite an overlap of applicable business skills that are useful in both fields. Help me!” And I'm really curious, like, say, about how that all— how that unfolds and what their needs were and then how your company meets those needs. So dermatologists’ offices is a brick and mortar business. Engineers of this generation have learned to think on their feet and execute plans rapidly. At that point, they needed a way to house these abstracts and show these abstracts to sponsors and visitors like, for example, Microsoft is coming to the symposium. And there was enough sales funnel, we was trying to close that deal, but the pandemic gave us the opportunity to close it faster because there became a real need to have these type of tools. So that bias we have to overset— offset— with just getting support for those individuals that are not as privileged. Those are companies like restaurants. There are so many other challenges around that. And since we’re identical twin brothers, it worked really well because I was really technical savvy and I could be able to think of it and I can build it and really have a high technical prowess. So those type of information to educate our group,  get them out of the trap so they know that they can do it,  and then put support around them by utilizing, you know, our space, you know, putting together investment networks to help support those individuals to  say, “Hey, you're not doing this by yourself. >> Yeah, I think the space is going to be really big because right now it's COVID, you know, in the COVID era, so it's not many people going into the space. I mean they had a little bit of interaction, but it wasn't, you know, what I mean “a little bit,” that means they were on the fence with using us. So those customers, you know, we encourage to think as an expansion mindset even in these tough and challenging times. It has the broadest range of services such as mobile recharge, railway ticket booking, electricity payment and many more. But then there’s a group of companies that start to work harder; they start to make more calls and expand during a pandemic. The TiE Women Entrepreneur’s Network program is designed to match female entrepreneurs with educational, experiential, and mentorship opportunities that will enhance their chances of success and increase the value of their companies. “Well, you might want to— engineering is a challenging job, and we have high stress, hard deadlines. And for many engineers, that means becoming an entrepreneur after earning a degree. So everybody is talking about home automation, automating different things in your car and in your office, and that is a really big and booming thing. We were excited because of it. He also worked for four different startups in California before coming to India and starting Myntra. I mean, if you're interested, then just reach out to us— shameless plug—. In order to build your proof of concept you can build in yourself, Emergency So you have these people that now can really propel the community. And that really sparked my interest in cyber security and seeing the vulnerabilities that can happen in a computer. >> Yeah, COVID-19, is a new normal, as they said. You see a motion capture lab down the center. They don't have inheritance. Today, right now, is the time to learn how to do the engineering, how to do the problem solving so that you can be able to advance in your career there very quickly. And we saw that great opportunity, realized it, and took advantage of it. building science fair, “Hey, man! We made it. I think, you know, the statistics show that still vast majority of companies that are started are not started by minorities. And maybe you could give an example, say, in the food service or restaurant kind of business, someone who you never worked for. I am ultra-competitive. If I can, you know, type a particular sentence to send an email out to another person, that could be automated. …And now that I’m leaving my dream job engineering at Coinbase to co-found a startup, you can bet that “a lot of people” have been reminding me how many startups fail. So what we're doing from a minority standpoint in the startup community is we're trying— we're trying to build that same closeness that we had at Georgia Tech in that community with the closeness of the community to the greater black Atlanta tech community, that closeness, with that community. It was painted with the best paint. I'm really curious to learn more about your company and some of those other things. Sachin and Binny Bansal are co-founders of Flipkart are among the most successful entrepreneur, the poster child of Indian e-commerce, which has transformed the face of Indian e-commerce. Information, Legal Civil engineer-turned- spice master Rahul Nimbalkar and security guard-turned-tea entrepreneur Revan Shinde are two such successful stories. So with COVID, usually the businesses that were impacted the most were your gathering institutions, that's what we call them. So we took that closeness and we started to help out our minority, you know, the minority community. From the music industry to exploring space, STEM concepts are consistently making a real-world impact. A roadmap that will alert you if you are about to take a wrong turn or make one of the most common mistakes made by new entrepreneurs. And I think that having that work ethic and the knowledge on the technical, but also the ability to communicate with each other and help grow each other and understand everybody's problems is a uncommon engineer. And then you have my brother who you can see he's good looking and he's well-spoken. It just happened so that we're two different people that have a complimented skill set to work together. So they essentially call the patient and say, “Hey, I noticed that you have oily skin according to the algorithm. So we're born and raised Atlanta. As technology might have replaced those folks and those jobs might not come back, what do you see in terms of trends around technology? Well, one of the things that we always talk about here on The Uncommon Engineer is what makes you an uncommon engineer? >> And Georgia Tech, really, to be honest, Georgia Tech, we would not know what resources are available if we had not experienced going to Georgia Tech. So at that point, we've been launching and building software over the last 10 years. And the whole purpose of space is to build, showcase the quality of the work coming out of the minority tech ecosystem. And then also we started a space here in Atlanta in Castleberry Hill. I think that you have to be passionate and, nonetheless cliché, but at the end of the day, find something that you simply love and enjoy. But that was really the spark that allowed us to believe that, hey, Georgia Tech is the place for us. Can an engineer make the most successful entrepreneur? Has anyone here started up in the physical product space, particularly mechanical? Was there typical company that came? We are extraordinarily proud of everything that you accomplished— not only getting through Georgia Tech, but what you've been doing with Brain Rain Solutions and the local community and how it is you're making a difference. Start with something that you have a passion for and that kind of allow you to fuel your learning capabilities. There are many startup mentors in India. And we're hoping that the people who are struggling and may need assistance, that they realize that, hey, this is a way that we can do business differently and realize this is more of an opportunity rather than a challenge. You have technologies of color. Civil Engineer Turned Cookie Entrepreneur Remains Resilient During Pandemic By Renee Eng West Los Angeles PUBLISHED 11:51 AM ET Jan. 05, 2021 PUBLISHED 11:51 AM EST Jan. 05, 2021 They both earned graduate degrees from the College, became serial entrepreneurs, and cofounded a business venture called Brain Rain Solutions. Right now, the Atlanta startup community is starting to be coined the “Atlanta black tech mecca,” because right now here in Atlanta, we have found a way to really unite and create an ecosystem around minority-owned businesses. I really wouldn’t know what equipment to buy and what is top-level type resources. So you have these different groups that specialize in different things. Sergey Brin. —L.P. So they actually made, you know, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 days, you know, $5,000-days with our sales tool and our tool for connecting [inaudible]. And that really was like, “Man, we’ve got to come here. So we were about nine, 10 years old and a friend of ours in our neighborhood grandfather built him a soapbox, which is like a derby car without an engine. What are the things that we can really work on to change some of those? Keeping an open mind to constant learning will allow the expansion needed to adapt and continuously combat new challenges with energy. Every year more than 100 billion cigarette butts get dumped in the landfills of India. A roadmap that will show you the exact route that has worked for successful entrepreneurs that took the journey before you. However, success in today’s small business and startup ecosystem is usually not defined by one’s employability, but by disruption and innovation. AASU has a very strong presence at Georgia Tech. A number of the highest STEM skills that we learn at a young age have proven their value for all entrepreneurs. And the pride— our soapbox was— I don't know the best word for it, so I’m going to say  “raggedy.”. In order to build your proof of concept you can build in yourself if you have the knowledge, but that typically requires a computer scientist or engineer, or you can go out and get the resources to do that, and that requires the family and friends to help donate to build out that proof of concept. >> Of course, I win at everything, though. That's a brand new customer for you? So we started in 2009. Owning and running my own business has always had an appeal to me, but for a while, I thought that transitioning from engineer to business owner was quite a career jump. As engineering teaches, a well-oiled machine can run efficiently only if all moving parts are in sync and producing no friction—the greater the efficiency, the greater the momentum. So many things have changed. IoT ( Internet of Things) is one of those technologies that...,,,,, Several Indian engineers are towing this line successfully by starting their businesses and becoming self-employed. We helped directly build over 250 software projects.

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